'' A very cleverly and carefully made product with premium materials. Adds much needed control over the great THR10. Ships impeccably packed. Thierry provides great support. Totally recommended ''

- Joseph Carasso Junior, Tanzania

 '' very happy with my new acquisition this pedal is worth its investment, very practical it can store up to 99 presets on a micro SD card imagine if you carry your amp instead of taking your computer with the THR editor for your presets it's made thing of the past with this pedal and a lot less bulky and what about customer service A+ I was treated to a personal service and easily answered my questions great service thank you Patchbox68"

- Guy Cloutier, Canada

 '' I just acquired my new pedal for my THR10X and I can say that I am super satisfied with this product. Very simple to use with great quality and excellent price. I highly recommend this pedal for those who want to change and program their presets easily. Thank you very much. "

- Dan Vallerand, Canada

 " The PFS-9 pedal for my Yamaha THR10X built by Patchbox68 is the perfect solution to channel switching and customized presets for the THR10 series of amps. Not only does this pedal allow for complete control of every knob on the amp through the THR editor software - it can store up to 100 presets on a micro SD card. I can now bring my THR10X anywhere I want and know that I have a quality pedal with almost endless channel and tone possibilities. Patchbox68 offers a bunch of custom features including paint colors. I elected to have mine painted in the army green like the 10X and it looks great!. This pedal is super easy to setup, works as advertised and is backed by outstanding customer service. I can't wait to see what Patchbox68 has in store for the future! " 

- Paul Maurer, USA

 " The Ideal companion (essential) for my THR-10X. Received in time in an impeccable package and a transport tracking frankly very well. Very neat, a very nice retro look in harmony with the series of Yamaha THR amps. Very easy to use, the case has a good hold on the ground, it does not slip under the foot. Unleash your hands and think about enjoying the sounds you have programmed in the right order. This is the solution! "

- Max Journet, France

 '' The PFS-9 is the ultimate accessory for the Yamaha THR series amps. This pedal has allowed me to quit lugging a half stack around and has unlocked the true potential of my Yamaha THR10X. After owning it for 2 weeks and having played 2 live gigs, I am hooked on my PFS-9 and I will preach the gospel of Patchbox68 to anyone who will listen. They have created a revolutionary product that not only functions exactly as described but it is also backed by the best customer service team I have ever worked with. ''

- Ryan Ballain, USA

 '' If you have a Yamaha THR10 amplifier, and like me felt that 5 user presets, which have to be selected by hand, is restrictive. Then the PFS-9 is for you! Using a USB cable to connect to the amp and a micro SD card to store your patch library - the pedal opens up a huge palette of 100 pre-sets which you can either create or download using the THR editor. I received mine only yesterday and already updated the 5 presets I'd created, and created a few more new patches. It's brilliant - get one!! You know you want to!!! ''

- Richard Crediton-Hughes‎, United Kingdom

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